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The Worst Day of My Life

Aug 1 5 Comments

One year ago today was the worst day of my life. For me, that’s not a moving date, a comment you glibly make after having a flat tire in rush hour traffic or a bad experience with the fish at a local restaurant. August 1, 2012 was the day when the Chief of Oncology at a children’s hospital gave my 2-year-old son a diagnosis of Stage-3 Neuroblastoma, a childhood-cancer which only has a 30% survival rate.

The following video is a portion of that story, as told by Jude’s grandfather, Brian Zahnd.

For more about Jude and his fight with cancer read the following.
Part 1 – The Day You Find Out Your Child Has Cancer
Part 2 – A Goliath Named Neuroblastoma
Parts 3 & 4 are currently private, but I will be posting them soon.