Caleb Zahnd is a distance runner and technology guru. Disguised as an interactive developer, he maintains a mostly mild-mannered existence in Northwest Missouri.

caleb-zahnd-profile-picI am thirty-something years old, a son of the hills of Andrew County, Missouri. I am married to a beautiful pediatric ICU nurse, a woman who selflessly works to care for some of the sickest kids in the country. In 2010, a stork crash landed at our house, and brought us a beautiful baby boy. That kid fought a hard battle with cancer, and today he’s happy and healthy and as active as any other kid! In 2012, another bouncing baby boy was delivered to our home. He drools and babbles a lot and generally just makes me feel happy.

I work with an amazing team of creative people as an Interactive Web Developer at MMGY Global, the world’s leading travel-centric ad agency headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. I earn my keep by building beautiful and immersive web experiences and applications. While tech related things permeate deep into my hobbies, there are many other things I enjoy. I am an ultra-endurance runner. In 2013, I completed 4 ultra-marathons and 3 road marathons. I am a music snob. I am deliberately agrarian, or at least I am trying to be. I am a professional amateur photographer. But, at the end of the day, I’m just a husband and a dad. That’s really all I care to be known for.