Northern Lights

MMGY Advertising Web Redesign

Full Stack Development

When the MMGY Global team and I sat down to discuss the next iteration of the web site for their flagship integrated marketing communications agency, MMGY Advertising, we wanted to reimagine what a web site could be. Instead of a series of static pages that you click and jump through to view each page template, we wanted to create a seamless, fluid experience with lots of motion and elements that reacted to your movements on the site.

One of the features is to allow case-studies content to reflect the brand colors for the client it is featuring. Since these case studies are dynamically assigned text-color and background-color values from the CMS, we needed to come up with a way to change these colors without disorienting the user. I created a Single Page App experience, which dynamically loads up new content and injects it into the page, without requiring a full page reload.  Page transitions are created using a full screen color wash, which “wipes” away the previous color and overlays it with the new brand colors.
The case studies themselves are randomized and the images are lazy-loaded, so that each visit to the site showcases new work without slowing the experience down due to large photo downloads.
Myriad Marketing Web Redesign